Invited Speakers

Prof. Jonathan Newton (Victoria University, New Zealand)

 Jonathan Newton
Jonathan Newton

Jonathan Newton has worked in language teaching and language teacher education for more than thirty years in both New Zealand and China where he began his teaching career. From 2002 to 2016 he was Programme Director for the BEd(TESOL) twinning programme at Victoria University, a role that involved working closely with Malaysian student teachers and Malaysian teacher training institutions. He is currently Programme Director for undergraduate TESOL.

Jonathan’s research focuses on the following main areas:

  • language teaching methodology and task-based language teaching (TBLT)
  • teacher cognition and professional learning for language teachers
  • the interface of culture and language in language teaching and learning
  • language/communication training and materials design for the multicultural workplace.

He has published in a range of books, and in journals including: Second Language Research, The Journal of Second Language Writing, Annual Review of Applied Linguistics, System, Language Teaching Research, Journal of Pragmatics, English Language Teaching JournalModern English Teacher, and Language Learning.

He has co-authored two books, one with Prof. Paul NationTeaching ESL/EFL Listening and Speaking (2009), and a second with Nicky RiddifordWorkplace Talk in Action: An ESOL Resource(2010). He is currently working on a new co-authored book, Teaching English Language Learners in Colleges and Universities: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Listening, due for publication through Routledge in 2017.

He is involved in research projects on teacher cognition in the areas of second language vocabulary teaching and TBLT, and on motivations and disincentives for studying Asia-Pacific languages in New Zealand.

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Prof. Emi Emilia, Ph.D. (Head of Pusat Pengembangan Strategi dan Diplomasi Kebahasaan, Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa, Ministry of Education and Culture, Indonesia)

Prof. Emi Emilia, Ph.D., M.Ed. currently serves as Head of Pusat Pengembangan Strategi dan Diplomasi Kebahasaan (Center for Strategy Development and Language Diplomacy) Badan Pengembangan dan Pembinaan Bahasa. She is also lecturer at the Faculty of Languages and Literature Education, Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia. She attended the Postdoctoral Program of Language Studies and Literacy Education at Australian Catholic University, Victoria, Australia. The Ph.D title is achieved in Language and Literacy Education, Department of Languages, Literacy, and Arts Education – Faculty of Education, University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia. While the Master of Education in Literacy Education is obtained at Deakin University, Burwood Campus, Victoria, Australia. She achieved S1 degree in English Education, English Department, University of Education Indonesia.

Some of her works include: “Approach to the Design of Syllabus for Foreign Language Teaching Review. A translation of the book: Approach to Design Syllabus for Foreign Language Teaching by Karl Krahnke, 1987, Prentice-Hall, Inc. The translation project is funded by the Indonesian Language Center, Jakarta-Indonesia; English for Children (modules); Process Approach for Teaching Writing; How Americans embrace Islam, translation books; Functional Systemic Linguistics and Reading Programs Teaching Learn to Read Hearts.

Education background

  • 2009 (Nov)- February (2010): Postdoctoral study on the teaching of reading and writing, Sydney University, Australia. –
  • 2007 (June-Dec): Postdoctoral Study on Language and Literacy Education in Australian Catholic University, Victoria, Australia. The topic of the research: The teaching of English in the middle years of schooling.
  • 2002 (Feb) – 2005 (May): PhD in Language and Literacy Education, Department of Language, Literacy, and Arts Education – Faculty of Education, the University of Melbourne, Parkville, Victoria, Australia.
    Title of PhD thesis: A critical genre-based approach to teaching academic writing in a tertiary EFL context in Indonesia.. – 1995 (July) – 1996 (Sept): Master of Education in Literacy Education, Deakin University, Burwood Campus, Victoria, Australia;
  • CV

Prof. Datin Rahmah Bujang (Malaysia)

Prof. Datin Rahmah Bujang

Prof. Rahmah attended English school in Pontian, Government English School, Pontian, English College, Johor Bahru and further studies in the Department of Malay Studies, UM – drama. She was the first to study drama (1969) Next, she studied the Malay aristocracy as a theater for a Master of Arts UM (1973). Then she became a lecturer at UM (1972-1973). In 1974, PhD student at the University of Hull, Humberside thesis about Boria.

Back in 1978, Rahmah has been a lecturer in the Department of Malay Studies, UM. Then she became Principal Residence lord Kurshiah, UM (1978-1986). In 1994, she was promoted to Professor. Department of Malay Studies Academy of Malay Studies turns (APM) in 1995, she became Head of the Department of Malay Language in the APM until she retired. She is also director of UM’s Cultural Center from 1 January 1997 – 31 December 1999 and started the School of Arts degree in Music and Dramatic Arts.

After her retirement she became a Board Director of the Institute of Technology and was awarded the Degree of Arts Melaka Seri Melaka 1998. She was appointed to the panel of experts ‘Raising Project Terms of Letters’ Majlis Bahasa Brunei-Indonesia-Malaysia/DBP, Evaluation Panel Malaysian Literary Prize (1978 to 1986) and a panel of experts in DBP Encyclopedia project. She was appointed as an advisor, chairman and speaker evaluators and theater activities organized by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism. Among the manifestations of Lords Advisor (1985-1988); Town Assessor and Chairman of the State Theater Stage, Zone and Immigration (1990-present)

Dr. John Yandell (University College London, England)

Dr. John Yandell is a senior lecturer in Education (English Studies) at UCL Institute of Education, University College London. He is also an Editor of Changing English: Studies in Culture and Education (from 2013 onwards). Some of his publication are

Prof. Dr. Angelika Kubanek (University of Braunsweig, Germany)

Angelika Kubanek is a lecturer at Department of English and American Studies at University of Braunsweig, Gemany or Technische Universität Braunschweig (TUB).  Some of her publication are:

  • Blended Learning – besseres Lernen? Zu dem Kurs Faszination Sprachenlernen.“ ]Blended learning – an asset? Thoughts about the training course `the fascination of learning an early foreign language`]. Erschienen in der Festschrift für Michal Legutke, November 2004 (mit/with Karin Bothe).
  • “Intercultural learning.” Multimedia MA Kurs e-lingo/ Fremdsprachen-Frühbeginn Didaktik der PH Freiburg. 2004 (mit/with Isabel Kobus)
  • “What can a learner and teacher friendly English vocabulary test look like?” In: Humanising Language teaching, 2008. (online Zeitschrift) Mit P. Edelenbos. <>.
  • “Early foreign language learning: Published research, good practice and main principles.” In : M. Nikolov (ed.): The Age factor and early language learning. Berlin: Mouton de Gruyter 2009, 39-58. (Mit P. Edelenbos).
  • “Qualität”. Lexikon Fremdsprachendidaktik, ed. C. Surkamp. Stuttgart: Metzler, 254-257.
  • „Diagnostische Kompetenz im Englischunterricht – von Fingerspitzengefühl zu evidenzbasiertem Handeln.“ [diagnostic competence in the English classroom – from intuitive to evidence-based teaching] (Mit/with Peter Edelenbos). In: Hansmann, W., Dirks, U. & Bambuch, H.: Professionalisierung und Diagnose-Kompetenz. [Professionalisation and diagnostic competence Online Schriftenreihe Nr. 14, Kapitel V 1.
  • „Überlegungen zum Stellenwert eines ´narrativen Prinzips` im Fremdsprachenunterricht.“ Babylonia, XX (2012), 2, 61-68.
  • for more details visit:

Ir. Drs. Heldi, M.Si., Ph. D. (Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia)

Ir. Drs. Heldi, M.Si., Ph.D.

Ir. Drs. Heldi, M.Si., Ph.D. is a lecturer in Visual Arts Education and Visual Communication Design at FBS Faculty of Languages and Arts, Graduate of Environmental Science, Art and design UNP State University of Padang, He is also a construction expert in engineering design Civil, and environmental engineering, until now. Some masterpieces of art design monumental many born, last design of minang kabau carving motifs and Islamic caligrafi on the West Sumatra Masjid fasade in Padang. Besides, he completed his Doctor of Philosophy Ph.D. (Faculty of Management) Faculty Geo-Information and Real Estate degree at UTM University Technology Malaysia. Study About: “Theoretical Framework The Relation Between the Conservation of Heritage Buildings and Sustainable Tourism”. Following some local, national and international convertions at home and abroad, among others.

  • Conservation Historic Buildings Strategy and Maintenance Management Model, 2010, 1st International Conference of Asset and Facility Management. April 8th, 2010, Padang West Sumatra Province Indonesia.
  • Implementation of Construction Management and Facilities in Improving Efficiency and Effectiveness of Future Buildings, 2010. 04 -05 November 2010 Pangeran Beach Hotel Padang. UBH Environmental Studies Center, UNAND Environmental Studies Center UNP Population & Environment Research Center. National Conference on Disaster Prevention and Environmental Degradation. Disaster Management & Environmental Degradation Management “
  • Arrangement Maintenance Strategy Historical Of Cultural Heritage Buildings A Business Model (BM) – Based Maintenance Approach, National Seminar Construction and Facilities Management held Graduate Program of Bung Hatta University, Padang, 7 and 8 June 2011.
  • Management of Cultural Heritage Conservation of Historic Buildings CSR: An Alternative Approach, 2nd International Forum on Facilities & Asset Management (IFFAM 2011). Faculty of Engineering Andalas University and PII, Persatuan Insiyur Indonesia 21 November 2011, at Unand Padang.
  • Major Considerations Of Historic Buildings Of Cultural Heritage (HBCH) Sustainable Maintenance Of Management West Sumatera Province. International Conference on Construction Industry, Facilities and Asset Management (ICCIFAM) 2012), Faculty of Engineering Andalas University with West Sumatra Province Construction Services Development Board (LPJK-P sumbar) 2012.
  • Historic Buildings Heritage Conservation in Sumatra Strategic Management Model Based Approach. International Real Estate Conference 2012 INTEREC 2012. UTM-BIMA International Real Estate Conference 2012, June 9-10 Grand Seasons Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  • Recovery HBCH (Historic Buildings Of Cultural Heritage) Through PPP (Public-Private Partnership, The 3rd International Convertibility Asset and Facility Management Resilience and Sustainability Organizations. November, 11.13 2014 Grand Inna Hotel Padang West Sumatra.
  • Effectiveness Successful Implementation of PPP (Public Private Partnership) in Construction preservation project HBCH (Historic Buildings Of Cultural Heritage) 1 st SIMPI Sustainable Initiatives: Case Studies in Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia. Date: 15 th May 2015. Venue: T06, Faculty of Geo-information & Real Estate, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Johor Bahru, Malaysia.
  • Characteristics and Performance of Small Business Services Company Qualification in the Kerinci District “. ICONBUILD 2015, The 2nd International conferece on Construction and Building Engineering “Innovation and Sustainability in Construction. Date 11-13 August 2015, Grand Inna, Padang, West Sumatra, Indonesia.
  • Critical Success Factors Public Private Partnership on Cultural Heritage Conservation in Sustainable Tourism Destination. 2 nd SIMPI Sustainable Initiatives: Case Studies in Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia. 2 nd SIMPI Sustainable Initiatives: Case Studies in Malaysia, Philippines & Indonesia. Date 11-13 August 2015. Manila Philippines.
  • Environmental Hostility Contingencies on the Relationship between Knowledge Management Strategy and Firm Performance. Journal of Technology e ISSN 2180-3722 Advanced Research in Geo-information and Real Estate, Article history Vol 73, No. 5, 2 Scopus