Invited Speakers


Prof. Masamichi Ueno (Sophia University, Japan)

Masamichi Ueno is Professor of Education at Sophia University, Japan. He received his Ph.D in Education from the University of Tokyo (2010). He has previously served as Associate Professor and Professor at Daito Bunka University, Japan, Visiting Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia (2013), Visiting Scholar at the University of Luxembourg (2013), International Scholar at Shanghai Normal University (2013, 2015) and Visiting Professor at University of Jinan (2015-2018), and has currently worked as Visiting Professor at Shandong Normal University (2015-present) and Northwest University (2017-present), China and President of the Institute of East Asian Education. He is the author of The Publicness of Schools and Democracy (University of Tokyo Press, 2010), Education for Democracy (University of Tokyo Press, 2013) and Democratic Education and the Public Sphere: Towards John Dewey’s Theory of Aesthetic Experience (Routledge, 2016). Address: Faculty of Human Sciences, 7-1 Kioicho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-8554 Japan.

Prof. Dr. Lee Kooi Cheng (National University of Singapore, Singapora)

Prof. Lee Kooi Cheng got her PhD from University of Stirling, Scotland, M.A. (Applied Linguistics), from National University of Singapore, Singapore,  B. Ed, University of Calgary, Canada. She joined the Centre for English Language Communication (CELC) in 2000 and have coordinated and taught a wide range of modules offered by the Centre, from pre-matriculated to graduate courses.  The past decade at the Centre has been challenging and rewarding.  In every module that she teaches, there are different ways of engaging students and helping them make sense of why and what they are learning.  In terms of research, She is interested in classroom-based or pedagogical investigations that help to bridge theory and practice. One area that She has been actively pursuing is to look at how content is built or developed and what the interaction patterns are in online discussions.

Teaching Awards / Accolades:  Fellow, NUS Teaching Academy 2012/2013 to 2015/2016, CELC Commendation for Teaching Excellence 2011/2012, NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award 2010/2011, CELC Commendation for Teaching Excellence 2010/2011, NUS Annual Teaching Excellence Award 2006/2007, CELC Commendation for Teaching Excellence 2006/2007.

Prof. Dr. Ramlee Mustapha (Sultan Idris Education University, Malaysia)*

Dr. Ramlee Mustapha is a Professor of Technical and Vocational Education at the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education, Universiti Pendididikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). He was the Dean of Institute of Post-Graduate Studies (2010-2011) and the Dean of the Faculty of Technical and Vocational Education (2011-2013). Now he is the Director of University-Community Transformation Centre.His research interestslie in leadership,curriculum and pedagogical development,  inventive  thinking,  experiential  learning,  technical-vocational education  (curriculum  and comparative  study),  gender  studies,indigenous  learning  of minority  groups (special  needs  students and Orang  Asli)  and  multi-cultural  human resources development.

He has written more than 100 articles and 7 books in Technical-Vocational Education and Human  Resource  Development.  His  books  include Skills  Training  and  Vocational Education (2017) published  by  Springer, Technical  and  Vocational  Education(2015) published by UPSI Press, Diversity in Higher Education (2013) published by SAGE, Digital Design for Instructional Applications(2016) published by UKM Press, Education for  Diverse Learners (2009) published  by  Universiti  Putra  Malaysia  Press, Identify Career Potentials (2008) published by Oxford, Competence Development as Workplace Learning (2007) published  by  Innsbruck  University  Press,  Austria,  and Workforce Development  in  East  Asia  and  the  Pacific (2004) published  by  Information  Age Publishing, USA. He is the Chief Editor for the Journal of Asian Vocational Education and  Training (JAVET).  He  also  serves  as International  Editorial  Board  Member  for International Journal for Vocational Education and Training(United States) ? a journal in the  field  of  vocational  education  and  training.  He  also  an  Associate  Editor  for International   Journal   Learning (Australia).

Prof. Dr. M. Zaim, M.Hum. (Universitas Negeri Padang, Indonesia)

Prof. Dr. M. Zaim, M.Hum.  is professor in Linguistics at English Department of FBS UNP. He teaches various subjects, such as,  Introduction to Linguistics, Morphology and Syntax, Semantics and Pragmatics, Language Teaching Evaluation, Applied Linguistics, Educational Research on Psycholinguistics, Current Issues on Psycholinguistics, Curriculum Development on EFL. He is currently the Dean of FBS Universitas Negeri Padang. He was the Head office of LPMP of West Sumatra.

After finishing his Sarjana at IKIP Padang, Prof. Dr. M. Zaim, M.Hum. obtained Masters in Linguistics from Universitas Indonesia, Jakarta (1993). After completing his M.Hum he obtained Doctoral qualifications in Education at University of Tasmania, Australia (1998).

He has conducted some research, such as, Pergeseran Sistem Pembentukan Kata Bahasa Indonesia Pasca Orde Baru (2008), Upaya Peningkatan Kompetensi Pedagogik dan Profesional dalam Kegiatan MGMP Bahasa Inggris SMA Sumatera Barat (2009) , Kinerja Guru Bahasa Inggris SMA Kota Padang Panjang Pasca Sertifikasi (2010), Pendekatan Holistik untuk Meningkatkan Penguasaan Standar Kompetensi dan Kompetensi Dasar Mata Pelajaran Sasaran Ujian Nasional Tingkat SMA di Kota Bukittinggi  dan Kabupaten Agam (2011). He has also written some books, such as, Metode Penelitian Bahasa (2008), English Morphology (2009).

Prof.  Khairil Azlin, Ph.D. (University Putra Malaysia, Malaysia)

He received PhD in Design Management, Chiba University, Japan in 2003,  MA Industrial Design (Engineering) UK in 1990 and Diploma in Art & Design (Industrial Design), UiTM Malaysia in 1987. Previously, he was the Deputy Dean (Postgraduate and Research) from 2006-2010, Head of Design Technology Program in 2003-2006, Faculty of Applied and Creative Arts, UNIMAS and the Director of Institute of Design and Innovation (INDI) from 2011-2014, Currently he is a Professor at Industrial Design Department, Faculty of Design and Architecture, Universiti Putra Malaysia. He is also a research Fellow for Center of Sago Research, UNIMAS and Associate Research Fellow for INTROP UPM. He also plays the role of design consultants and published his work for publications in local and international journals. He received several academic awards scholarships and more than 50 designs and innovation awards in Malaysia and International such as Product Innovation and Techniques, Geneva, Switzerland 2006, International Invention Fair of the Middle East, Kuwait 2008, Pin Up 2008 Award, South Korea and Gold Medalist for Eureka 2010, Brussels and Double Gold Medalist and Gold Medalist British Invention Show in 2012 and 2014. He is also the winner for Batik Piala Seri Endon 2006 handicraft category and the finalist for the Prime Minister’s Innovation Award 2007. He was awarded four intellectual properties (industrial design and patent) and from his product design and inventions. He also was appointed as Jury for several local and international design competitions such as the Malaysia Good Design Award. He is the Vice Chairman for Piala Seri Endon Alumni and a member of World Batik Council. Besides the product design, he also presented his sculpture, painting and experimental hybrid artworks in several exhibitions, local and international. His principle areas of research are design management, industrial design and hybrid arts.

Prof. Triyono Bramantyo, Ph.D. (ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia)

Prof. Triyono is a lecturer at Department of Music, Faculty of Performing Arts ISI Yogyakarta, Indonesia. His education background, he to bachelor degree (Drs in Music Education) at Institut Seni Indonesia Yogyakarta (1980–1985); Naruto University of Education Naruto, Japan (1990-1992) Research Student, Non-degree; Naruto University of Education Naruto, Japan (1992-1994) Master of Music Education (M.Mus.Ed.); Osaka University Osaka, Japan (1994-1997) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Musicology.

Some of his recent publication “Introducing the Sultanate Palace of Yogyakarta and the Yogyakartan Styles of Gamelan and Dance/” a public demonstration lecture at Taiwan National Concert Hall, 23rd of October 2010. “Musik: Pendidikan, Budaya dan Tradisi” (Music: Education, Culture and Tradition), Book published by BP ISI Press, Yogyakarta, 2012, ISBN 978-979-8242-50-2. “Panji Story: From Version to Version”, a paper to be presented at the Seminar and Performances of a Shared Heritage: The Panji/Inao Traditions in Southeast Asia, held by Seameo-Spafa, Bangkok, Thailand, March 2-6, 2013. General Lecture at Beijing Central Conservatory of Music entitled “Introducing Gamelan in Indonesian Ethnomusicological Research”, Beijing, China, October 9-13, 2013. General Lecture at Phoenix Theater for the public and Press Conference at Xi’an City, China, entitled “Xi’an, the Silk Road and the World of Music”, Xi’an City, China, September 19-21, 2014. For details here.

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